Wasserman Schultz Democrat IT-Aide Threatened Torture, Bragged about Bribing Pakistani Police

Imran Awan, a recently indicted IT-Aide to dozens of house Democrats, reportedly bragged about paying Pakistani officials for protection, and that he could have his opponents tortured in Pakistan according to multiple relatives. The Daily Caller interviewed a fellow Democratic IT aide under anonymity who recalled a similar conversation in a House cafeteria where Awan bragged about his ability to have people harassed in Pakistan.

A fellow Democratic IT aide, under condition of anonymity told the DCNF (full article linked below) that:

“[Awan] wanted to build a CRM [customer relationship management software] but he wanted to do it in Pakistan,” the aide told TheDCNF. “But the government doesn’t allow that. They have to be American, but Imran said, ‘Well, we can say that they’re American, but really they’ll be in Pakistan. I have these guys that work for the Faisalabad police department, and all we have to do is pay them $100 a month and they take them over to the police station, strip their clothes off, hang them upside down and beat them with a shoe. And that person will work hard and be loyal from then on.’ And we were all like, ‘what the fuck.’ Two other people were there. We said, ‘he’s a fucking monster.’”

Last month, the Daily Caller published statements from three women who say they have been abused by Imran Awan, the former Democrat IT aide for (Rep) Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Investigating officers found one of the women bloodied, and further statements have been given by Awan’s own stepmother who previously said that Awan had threatened to kidnap immigrant women, while keeping her captive.

Awan’s previous employer, former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has continually tried to downplay the scandal, as she attempted to describe Awan as a victim of discriminatory coverage. These latest reports further show that Awan was not the victim Democrats claim him to be.

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