Trudeau’s Globalist Circus is Destroying Canada

In 2013, when asked which other country he admires most, Canada’s Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau replied with the baffling response:

“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”

This should have been one of many warnings of what Trudeau’s ‘leadership’ would bring to Canada.

Despite campaign promises to help Canada’s dying middle class, Trudeau has focused on admiring dictators and subverting Canada’s democracy. Governments know better than the people who elect them is the basic premise of his answer, and this mindset might be how Trudeau justifies his elitist disregard for the wishes of Canadians, focusing instead on lavish gifts, trips, and tax breaks to his friends. Canada’s new government has been keeping the world elite happy at the expense of taxpayers, while the state funded Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) abandon journalism to act as cheerleaders for a corrupt government that promises increased funding for more Liberal party propaganda.

In his relatively short-time as prime minister Justin Trudeau has had a remarkable amount of scandals that point to him selling out Canada for personal gain, these stories have been largely brushed away by the state funded Canadian media. Trudeau has held cash-for access private fundraisers with Chinese billionaires directly tied to the Communist party ruled by President Xi Jinping. He’s faced a ethics investigation over his acceptance of gifts, and trip to the private island owned by Muslim leader the Aga Khan. Moreover, the recent release of the Paradise papers revealed that Trudeau’s top fundraiser Stephen Bronfman is likely involved in an offshore tax-avoidance scheme.

Additionally, Trudeau has a close relationship with billionaire investor George Soros, as well as other Democrat party figures like John Podesta. In another unpopular move, he recently gave $20 million dollars of Canadian tax-payer money to the Clinton Foundation.

While Trudeau allies avoid paying their own share, a recent Fraser Institute study concluded that over 80% of middle class families face higher income taxes under Trudeau’s liberals, along with additional burdens on lower income families, as the two-thirds of the bottom 20% of taxpaying families with children also pay higher income tax. Canadian small businesses have also been targets as they big tax increases through the governments proposed tax reform.

Post-election Trudeau’s Liberals are seriously harming the middle class and working class families he promised to help during his campaign.

Families with children are paying higher taxes, and the government has made no significant action in helping young Canadians find the type of employment needed to start families. While Canadian families are increasingly squeezed of money to support themselves, Trudeau has also proposed massive new increases in immigration over the next several years to replace a declining population. Trudeau appointed immigration minister Ahmed Hussen is now promising “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent Canadian history” with a plan to bring at least one million new immigrants to Canada by 2020. With Canada’s low population of just over 30 million, this proposed immigration spike will lead to a dramatic demographic shift by the next election, these new immigrants will likely add more votes for Trudeau in the eyes of the Liberal party, possibly offsetting his tanking popularity among current Canadian citizens.

As George Soros and other globalist friends of Trudeau applaud these exact types of policies, it becomes clearer who Trudeau is really working to please. Trudeau’s real platform seems to be that if you’re a globalist billionaire like George Soros and his buddies, the government will do anything for to please you; if you are a regular Canadian citizen however then you better just pay up, and shut up.

Trudeau’s popularity continues to drop but can Canada make it intact to the next election?


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