Tony Podesta LEAVES Podesta Group Amidst Mueller Investigation

Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta has stepped down from his lobbying firm, the Podesta Group the same day that charges were filed against Paul Manafort by special counsel Robert Meuller. This development comes after last Monday, it was reported that the Podesta group is now being investigated for possible violation of the the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). This comes after the Podesta group failed to disclose lobbying for several foreign groups including the European Center for a Modern Ukraine.

Politico also reports that both John Podesta, and Tony Podesta attended Hillary Clinton’s birthday party yesterday, October 29th, just before Tony announced his resignation from his lobbying group. John Podesta is one of Clinton’s closest aides and has come under fire for his own potential conflicts of interest in lobbying for Joule Unlimited and various other groups. Did Hillary and the Podesta brothers use Clinton’s 70th birthday party this weekend to discuss the scandal, Tony’s resignation, and lay out their upcoming plot on how to deal with the investigation?

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