Soros, Podesta, Clinton’s Mainstream Media Monster. The Real Face of Collusion


Hillary Clinton had the support of the entire mainstream media and political establishment on her side for her disastrous presidential run, but apparently a few YouTube videos, and some Facebook ads were enough to ruin her campaign.

As expected the Democrats latest deflection concerning their failed 2016 campaign was parroted by their faithful followers throughout the media, only to have the narrative come crumbling down hours later. Last week, Democrats claimed they had bombshell evidence of Russia-Trump collusion based on $100 000 worth of Facebook-ads reportedly purchased by a Russian organization in support of Trump. Days later, the extremely misleading nature of these claims by Democrats was revealed as it was discovered that the ads in question actually supported a range of candidates including Clinton, Sanders, and Trump on issues ranging across the political spectrum. Yet somehow the establishment continue to push the idea that a relatively small amount of funding by advertising standards, on ads which did not even favor any particular candidate, somehow outweighed billions in propaganda by the traditional media explicitly in favor of Hillary and her globalist cronies.

The Russian collusion narrative concocted by Hillary Clinton and supporters as an explanation for her election loss is one of the most glaringly hypocritical aspects of a still reeling Democrat party who’s leadership is already known for endless double standards and deflections. Even ignoring Clinton’s many bribes from foreign leaders for political favors, and the many conflicts of interest arising from lobbying by close aides like John Podesta. The Democratic establishment’s sycophantic relationship with the media alone should be enough to point out how ludicrously insincere these accusations by Democrats truly are. President Trump touched on this theme today in a tweet calling out the mainstream media for their obvious collusion with establishment Democrats.

A brief look at two of Clinton’s closest political allies, billionaire investor George Soros, and former Clinton campaign chair head John Podesta, begins to show the unimaginable influence that Clinton’s crew and the rest of the globalist backed political establishment have on the mainstream media.

In 2010, Soros gave NPR 1.8 million dollars to hire 100 reporters for their 50 member stations. Prominent journalists from ABC and Washington Post serve on boards of operations for Soros funded reporting organizations such as ProPublica. A report from Media Research Center points to another organization, the Center for Investigative Reporting which recieved 1 million dollars from Soros’ Open Society Foundation between 2003-2009 alone, as another organization where top journalists from The Seattle Times (David Boardman), Hearst Newspapers (Phil Bronstein), CBS News (George Osterkamp) and others work together to push a Clinton and Soros approved narrative throughout virtually all of the mainstream media. The Washington Post, Salon, CNN and ABC News are listed as partners of CIR. These are just a few of the many ties that Soros has cultivated throughout the media to influence public policy through political propaganda.

Then you have Clinton’s top ally, John Podesta, who has retained his own inexplicable influence throughout the media despite being generally reviled by the public which he hopes to control. John Podesta is a founder of the Centre for American Progress, a “liberal public policy research and advocacy organization” also funded 3 million dollars by George Soros in 2003. As a lobbyist, Podesta has represented massive media groups such as NPR, and the National Association of Broadcasters (which represents over 8000 radio stations, and broadcast networks). Podesta currently writes for the Washington Post, having been hired by Jeff Bezos who acquired the paper after taking a $600 million dollar cloud computing contract with the CIA. Meanwhile, other influential media figures, like Stephen Colbert, have had their show content dictated by Podesta staffers. Adding to the obvious conflict of interest is the fact that the Podesta brothers helped fund the political campaign of Stephen Colbert’s sister in her failed 2013 run for congress in South Carolina. Colbert has openly shilled for Podesta and Clinton since. (WikiLeaks E-mail describing two episodes of the Colbert report managed by Podesta staff, and scheduling an appearance on the program by Podesta himself.)

(John Podesta and Stephen Colbert)

Like Clinton, Podesta has been enraged by the unwillingness of the online community to comply with their globalist message. As the ‘featured guest’ at last months Arendalsuka speaking event, in Norway, Podesta plotted with fellow elite European globalists on how to influence public policy through censoring and manipulating online media to the same extent that they do in the traditional media, to gain back Democrat support before next election.

“We adopted the social media strategy that President Obama effectively used, which Bernie Sanders effectively used.” To talk to their core supporters online said Podesta, blaming Clinton’s failure on the fact that they “left naked the ability on Facebook and other sites for ‘negative’ messaging to bombard into those critical places.” Podesta has since called for new censorship measures online, and social media sites like Facebook are complying to the Democrats demands to control the message.

This cuts to the core of Podesta’s hypocrisy, as he cries collusion against his opponents, while openly colluding with other elites on how to use more censorship to control public opinion by limiting what information individuals should be allowed to see online.

For Clinton and her allies to be blaming collusion, and the media, as reasons for her loss is completely absurd, particularly given the massive network of collusion between herself and the majority of the mainstream media in their failed attempt to boost a corrupt candidate that was universally disliked by anyone but her globalist backers. As Americans become increasingly aware of the endless propaganda in Hollywood, television, news, and even the NFL, this could be a wake up call to unplug and stop feeding the mainstream media monster we’ve helped create; and also to stay vigilant as the elites escalate their attack on the alternative media in their attempts to take back complete control over public discourse.

Chris Simpson

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