Podesta’s Boss Covered Up Weinstein Rape Allegations, Rose McGowan Slams Jeff Bezos and Amazon


Actress Rose McGowan criticized Amazon owner Jeff Bezos for his studio’s role in covering up rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein. McGowen says the studio shut her down for telling them she was raped by Weinstein telling her it couldn’t be proven, and Bezos’ studio killed one of her projects after speaking out about the abuse.

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, came under fire by McGowan in a series of tweets Thursday for allowing his studio to punish victims while protecting Weinstein. Bezos recently acquired the Washington Post after receiving a $600 million dollar cloud computing contract with the CIA, and went on to hire former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta to work for the paper. This is the latest report of abuse in the industry which further exposes the close connections between abusers like Weinstein and top Clinton allies.

Could more connection to the Weinstein story further expose a bigger cover up in both Hollywood and Washington?

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