“HarveyWood” Moral Crusades of a Celebrity Cesspool

The Harvey Weinstein scandal gave an opportunity to expose and stop the type of sex abuse rampant throughout the entertainment industry, and while many celebrities condemned the producer AFTER he had been ousted by the industry, possibly the most revealing part of the issue was the fact that no one tried to speak out about the abuse until what seemed like a consensus by the entire media that Weinstein was finished and was now open to be targeted by celebrities who had said nothing until now.

Multiple stars have said they knew or had heard of Weinstein’s conduct long before the scandal recently exploded, George Clooney received criticism after saying he had knowledge of the abuse but chose not to speak out. A former co-star, Vanessa Marquez, said Clooney tried to silence her after allegations of sexual abuse on the set of ‘ER’ and that he had her blacklisted for speaking up.

Equally disturbing is the continued push back by many in the industry to prevent the issue from being further exposed through public scrutiny. “You also don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere” said filmmaker Woody Allen attempting to deter further questions being asked about how rampant this type of abuse was throughout the industry. Woody Allen’s statements have received significant ridicule as he was also accused of molestation by his adopted daughter in 1993.

One of Weinstein’s accusers, Rose McGowan, has also said she was offered $6 million by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom to publicly come out and support the man who raped her. McGowan says Bloom promised there would be money for her if she said that Weinstein ‘changed’ to help save his reputation.

Amidst the alleged offers of hush money, and statements from industry heads like Woody Allen wanting to prevent more questions concerning the issue of widespread sex abuse in Hollywood, the characterization of such abuse as being part of an ‘open secret’ should also worry people about the role of celebrities as self-appointed models of moral behavior.

Many readers will remember when actress Meryl Streep recently gave a meandering moral lecture at the 2017 Golden Globe awards scolding Americans for not aligning with her hackneyed Hollywood-liberal political views, while at another Award’s ceremony she gave a full standing ovation in support of child rapist Roman Polanski.

“Roman Polanski? I’m very sorry that he’s in jail.” Said Streep in a 2009 interview after the director had been arrested at Zurich Airport.

Celebrities continually criticize regular voters for having the wrong political views and opinions, as the mainstream media openly propagandizes against what they have deemed to be outdated traditional cultural norms. How can the same celebrities which accepted Weinstein’s abuse for years, and have done nothing to expose the deeper problems in the industry, act as if they should be the ones to lead a cultural makeover that most Americans never asked for to begin with? We are constantly told by the media that we must look to them for moral guidance, when their own sight has been completely blinded by the fame’s flashing lights.

More and more people are recognizing the blatant hypocrisy and likely agree that it is beyond time for ‘HarveyWood’ to go away and take their own brand of warped morality with them.

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Rose McGowan Claims Lawyer Lisa Bloom Offered Her $6M to Say Harvey Weinstein ‘Changed’

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