George Soros’ ‘Not So Cold’ Wars: An Introduction


It’s an open secret in Washington, across America, and around the world, the US instigates proxy wars to overthrow democratically elected leaders. The War on Syria is a pertinent example, where the US and Israel currently attack the Syrian government through Kurdish proxy armies (YPG, PYD). (2)(9)

We are not the only country to use proxy armies, and where we have proxy armies, we generally have several different groups with similar names working towards the same aims, but in different, but usually overlapping regions around the capital. All the foreign names and abbreviations make it difficult to keep track of the sides, but I suspect this is by design to confuse Americans.

As long as America acts like the world police, the fate and survival of the world rests on our diligence when choosing sides in these conflicts.

Unfortunately for the entire world, America SUCKS at choosing rebel groups. We always fund the group that is overthrowing democratically elected presidents. President Assad wins 90% of the vote in Syria and yet we are against President Assad. (3) We say the elections were rigged, faked, controlled by the Russians and President Putin himself. (4)(5) Its total nonsense, but designed to justify Syrian sanctions and Assad’s removal from power.

American taxpayers are not fond of overthrowing political leaders for big oil interests. We hate funding terrorist groups, which many of these are, so they call them something nicer on TV. The Main Stream Media (MSM) calls these terrorists groups, rebels or even better peaceful protesters. (6)

They are not peaceful and they are not protesters. George Soros often paid those “Peaceful protesters” to instigate violence at well-orchestrated political rallies. (13) Any violence at the rallies gets blamed on the government and specifically the president, which the MSM attempts to label as dictatorial, human rights violators squashing the freedom of speech. Does this sound at all familiar?

If someone is attacking their own citizens, it doesn’t just justify military intervention, Americans feel it is their duty to step in to remove the dictator and protect the women and children. Pictures of dead children are put on TV and blamed on the government, often through false flags, but the talking heads on the MSM don’t demand investigations, they demand interventions and unless the public loudly voices their disagreement, the intervention goes ahead as planned funded through ever increasing war debts, which will topple the American Empire, just like debt toppled the Roman Empire.

Americans are slowly learning that US foreign interventions benefit OPEC oil interests while we destroy the lives of millions in the wars on Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Blue Revolution in Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, and Palestine and that’s just the Middle East. (1) The US also armed rebel groups fighting in the George Soros funded, Color Revolutions against pro-Russian, former Soviet Block nations. (14)(15)

Any election that didn’t align with George Soros’s New World Agenda to install pro EU leaders in Russia’s back yard has led to thousands of deaths under the tyrannical leaders of the Rose Revolution in Georgia circa 2003, the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine circa 2004 and then again in 2014, the Bulldozer Revolution in Yugoslavia circa 2000, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia circa 1989, the Jeans Revolution Belarus, the Tulip Revolution of Kyrgyzstan, but MSM ignores the financial and moral costs. (1) There was also the failed Green Revolution of Iran circa 2009 andJasmine Revolution in China circa 2011, when China blocked internet searches for jasmine and heavily policed protest zones. (1) There are even more proxy wars in South and Central America where the US always seems to support the deadliest drug cartel to call for the democratically elected presidents step down.

Foreign governments flip flop in favor of US and UN control directly after Soros funded riots run the current government leaders out of the country, often declaring them guilty of crimes against their assailants who MSM branded as an internally inspired “people’s revolution”. (15)

The people who voted for the President who was unjustly ousted on false claims of human rights violations and election rigging are watching the US because they know the new Pro-EU leaders are running their country into the dirt. Fixing elections does irreparable damage to the US reputation among foreigners, which goes completely ignored by the MSM.

Branding America’s opposition as criminal dictators is critical for gaining support for wars, but if American’s are calling them wars, like the Syrian War, the MSM is not doing its job. If you hear about the Syrian War on MSM, they call it the Syrian Civil War, once again implying an internal conflict instead of America using Syria as a pawn to disrupts Iranian trade routes. (6) The benefit of using proxy armies is the US keeps their hands clean, while violently overthrowing political adversaries.

The definition of a terrorist is someone that violently calls for the overthrow of a democratically elected government, but MSM describes people throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers with terms like protesters and rebels, and the police represent the extremist regime. (8) This makes it appear like an internal conflict, with blame on both sides, but mostly on the government. MSM justifies the rebels’ violence, while denouncing the “regime’s atrocities”. (8)

Meanwhile, the MSM hopes you ignore the greater geopolitical chess game, which exposes US’s anti-Russian motives in these foreign interventions. (9) The administrations of Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Obama and the CIA throughout that time have spilt the blood of millions in this Not So Cold War, which is really a giant series of wars. Did Congress ever vote on them? Absolutely not! The US proxy armies are thus unconstitutionally and often covertly funded. (10)(11)(12)

Congress didn’t have much say in the matter, much less the American people, but as an American, I am so, so sorry for the epic destruction in countries all around the world caused by the CIA’s interventions. Their evil interventions should not be forgiven, nor forgotten and the families of the victims deserve justice.

Rand Paul gave an impressive speech on the floor of the Senate, asking very reasonably that Congress vote to declare war, as specifically expressed in the Constitution. (16) He asked his fellow senators to allow our military contracts to expire unless Congress voted to approve them. Can you even imagine how many lives or how much money would be save, all the ripple effects, if our unapproved military interventions, which is all of our military interventions were stopped.

Fiscal accountability is the first thing out the window whenever the taxpayers lose their voice when it comes to the military budget. The Pentagon admitted they lost $6.5 trillion in 2015, $2.8 Trillion in just the third quarter. (17) Compare $6.5 trillion on department lost in one year to $400 billion deficit number for 2015. (18)

$20 trillion is likely an insignificant slice of what our government has borrowed on our account to engage in secret operations and develop advanced technology. We have handed the leaders military a blank check and thanked them for their service.

We have got to stop supporting OPEC’s monopoly on the oil trade and the myriad of foreign wars, where the US always end up support the wrong side. Rand Paul is right, but we don’t have to wait until we bring our wars to a vote.





















Ross Madden

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