Fox News Host Fired, Son Dies Hours Later. Bolling Triggered Soros, Podesta, and Clinton


There have been a series of firings at Fox News in the last year, this week Fox host Eric Bolling was fired following allegations of sending lewd photos to two coworkers. Hours later, Bolling’s 19 year old son was found dead. The cause of death is still unknown, although authorities say they have found no signs of self-harm, and an autopsy is set to take place Monday. Bolling denies the allegations of harassment which led to his firing, saying he is the victim of a smear campaign.

Over the past several months, Fox news has had some unexpectedly valuable coverage on a number of issues not typically expected from a controlled mainstream media source, particularly concerning some of the more disturbing allegations against establishment Democrats. The FBI’s role in the secret tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, the ties that Clinton and associates such as John Podesta have lobbying for foreign governments while crying collusion themselves, and unanswered questions about the murder of Democrat staffer Seth Rich, are some of the stories reported at Fox that were typically downplayed or heavily misrepresented in most mainstream outlets. On these issues, they have been derided by other mainstream journalists for their coverage, and a number of liberal think tanks have harshly responded to these reports.

Their coverage on the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton, and Loretta Lynch in particular may be worth taking another look at, as some new potential disinformation was spread this week in the lead up to the firing of Bolling, and unusual death of his son.

In July, 2016 Chris Sign called out the FBI’s role in facilitating the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Fox’s coverage on this particular issue was somewhat unique in that the few major outlets which covered the scandal, alternative sources included, generally downplayed Lynch’s and the FBI’s role in the meeting, in a seeming attempt to absolve their role in the blatantly coordinated misconduct which took place at this meeting.

Ross Madden of summarizes some of the contradictions in coverage over the tarmac meeting throughout other conservative news outlets, and how Fox’s coverage may have triggered the FBI, and deep state; a possible explanation for their coming under heavy fire since this story.

“The FBI is still digging for ways to get Loretta Lynch and her FBI detail off the hook for the secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton from June 2016. A recent article by Investigative Bureau, appears to contain misinformation that may have been propagated by deep state agents attempting to downplay the guilty role of Lynch, the story was later shared elsewhere, as seen in last month’s headline on the True Pundit:

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush.

The article claims Bill was stalking Lynch and that he ambushed her at the Phoenix airport, thus clearing her of any guilt or premeditation. According to Investigative Bureau, this was just a terrible mistake, where Bill over stepped his boundaries again.”

This characterization is markedly different from the Fox News interview with Chris Sign on the same issue,

“A look at some facts provided by an eyewitness to the meeting,  ABC Phoenix reporter Christopher Sign, reveals a more disingenuous story. Lynch’s FBI security detail first stepped “off of her plane, the former President steps into her plane. They then speak for 30 minutes privately. The FBI there on the tarmac instructing everybody around. No photos, No pictures, No cell phones.”

Chris Sign’s testimony on FBI’s role in the tarmac meeting comes from a Bill O’Reilly interview on the subject, his specific mention of the FBI and Lynch’s security detail has been omitted or downplayed in many subsequent reports on the meeting, such as the claim by True Pundit that Clinton acted virtually alone in organizing it; comparatively Signs’ original testimony from this Fox interview is much more damaging to Lynch, Comey and the FBI and points to the much wider conspiracy involving the deep state’s role in protecting the Clinton’s during these investigations. Bill O’Reilly was booted from Fox News six months after his interview with Sign.

Another possibly significant event concerns the ongoing blowback from Fox’s coverage of foreign collusion charges levied against Hillary Clinton and John Podesta before Eric Bolling’s firing. In July of this year, Bolling called out potential links between the Clinton camp, and foreign governments including Russia. The same month, former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta furiously argued against similar allegations highlighted on another Fox News program. (video below) Think Progress, a liberal think tank funded by George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, recently attacked Eric Bolling for his thoughts on the Clinton-Russia connection.

A smear article against Bolling from ThinkProgress, a site funded by George Soros and other establishment Democrats:

John Podesta furiously responding to similar allegations of foreign collusion:

This is a quick timeline of events since the interview with Sign:

July 5 or 6, 2016 – Chris Sign calls out the FBI on the tarmac meeting

July 21 – Roger Ailes resigns that month (he dies in May 2017)

April 19, 2017 O’Reilly gets fired

July, 2017 – Bolling and Fox talk about Clinton and Podesta’s possible foreign collusion, Podesta and Soros funded think tank furiously deny reports

September, 2017 – Bolling resigns and his son dies with no explanation

Will we see more firings at the station in the near future? We will follow up with further details about the firing and unexplained death of Bolling’s son as new details emerge.


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