Canada Punishing ‘Climate Deniers’. Liberals Trudeau, Soros, Clinton, & Podesta Plan for Globalist Tyranny

Canada’s Competition Bureau, an organization with $50 million in annual funding from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s government, is investigating three organizations for disagreeing with mainstream climate scientists. Ecojustice, the original group which made the complaint against the organizations has said they seek to involve the “Commissioner of Competition to refer the matter to the Attorney-General of Canada for ‘criminal charges against the denier groups’.”

The Toronto Sun reports that the Bureau took up the investigation after Ecojustice, “accused three groups, Friends of Science, the International Climate Science Coalition, and the Heartland Institute of making false and misleading claims about climate change, including that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide, and that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.”

The Bureau discontinued an over year long investigation in June, but said they will reopen the case if new relevant information arises.

This move seems part of a trend of Trudeau targeting the opinions of independent Canadians in favor of appeasing his elite globalist friends. He attacked Canadians who criticized his tweet suggesting Canada had opened its borders to those turned away by president Trump, a move which led to thousands of Haitian refugees moving into Canada illegally over the past weeks. He dismissed any criticism of this blunder calling on Canadians to reject the so called ‘hateful, harmful, heinous ideologies’ of Canadians who oppose his open border immigration policies.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is close allies with George Soros, and John Podesta, he took $20 million dollars from Canadian tax-payers in July to give to his friends Bill and Hillary Clinton. He is glowingly referred to as “Mr. Canada” in John Podesta’s leaked emails, and they recognize him as a close ally to Democrats and the Podesta linked Center for American progress, “Prime Minister Trudeau has been a longtime progressive ally of CAP’s [Center for American Progress, allied to the Democratic Party]…. an active and engaged partner in our Global Progress program”

George Soros is well known for funding liberal activist groups, which pressure foreign countries into adopting globalist policies. This political influence is a big problem, as Canadian citizens should be allowed to freely debate issues such as immigration or environmental policy, which impact their lives significantly, without being targeted by our own ‘leaders’ in the name of their corrupt globalist backers. Instead, Trudeau dismisses Canadians rights to free expression in order to please international elites which have no interest in the well being of Canadians or any of the countries they seek to undermine, tear down, and reshape for their own interests.

In another recent case of ethical misconduct surrounding the Prime Minister, opposition MP’s repeatedly asked prime minister Trudeau to detail his interactions with Canada’s ethics commissioner, after the ethics commission launched an investigation into Trudeau’s trip to the Aga Khan’s private island. A vacation which cost Canadians an additional $215 000. When will Trudeau stop helping his globalist friends and start helping his own citizens?

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