Bill Clinton Met Putin Before Uranium One Deal, Podesta Group Implicated?


New Emails released by The Hill this week reveal more evidence of the Clinton’s involvement in a possible bribery scheme as its been learned that former President Bill Clinton met with Vladimir Putin just before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal giving Russia 20% of America’s uranium. Hillary Clinton’s state department helped approve the deal while the FBI knew about millions of dollars in ‘donations’ made by Russian nuclear officials to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton’s undisclosed trip to meet Putin during this time raises further questions about the alleged bribery deal. Top Clinton ally John Podesta has possible connections to the plot as well, as the Podesta group also represented Uranium One from 2010 – 2015, and has lobbied for other Russian groups in the past and in August was forced to retroactively file for previously undisclosed work for Russian organizations.


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